Before the Design Werkstatt Studio in Freiburg has been established in 1994 it used to be a Blacksmith place for a long time. The Name Isele of the last Blacksmith means a little iron (The old forge still exists and is functioning). The studio is well equipped for up to 10 participants. There is a second Space for study, lectures and exhibitions. This part of Freiburg is very close to the historic center. In walking distance participants can find charming Hotels or Bed and Breakfast accomodation, Restaurants.


1 Precious Stone Setting

The making of settings can take up a lot of time. For this reason course participants can obtain stones of their choice before the workshop and then make suitable settings or even pieces of jewellery, which can then be set. For practice during the class settings with stones will be provided. This course is designed not only for participants with little previous experience, more advanced students can work with all kinds of more difficult settings.

Course instructor: Wolfgang Schütz, who is a master jewel setter. He is teaching stonesetting to professional Goldsmiths in Germany

6 Argentium & Keum Boo

Keum Boo, a traditional Korean technique for applying 24k gold to silver is in fact widely used in various cultures; Japanese, Chinese and in the west historically primarily to adhere gold to iron, steel and copper. Bring up the fine silver by repeated heating, quenching in water and pickling until it is completely white and then heat with a hot-plate or a flame; whichever provides the most even and constant type of heating for the particular object. Thin gold foil is placed on the object and a polished steel burnisher tacks it down and then presses it over the surface fixing it permanently in place. Any soldering’s or heating’s that are done do not affect the keum-boo.

Argentium Silver exploring the technology required to work with Argentium Sterling Silver, a revolutionary alloy that has amazing characteristics. Argentium is .935, does not fire scale and is tarnish resistant. High karat gold fuses beautifully to Argentium and the material’s ability to be fused without solder adds to its appeal. Master goldsmith, Christine Zock, will provide expert instruction and close up demos. Students learn the process of fusing both flat and three-dimensional forms. Demonstrations are followed by hands-on experience to create earrings, rings, bezels, and a bead. Students may bring small amounts of Fine gold to the projects.

Course instructor: Christine Zock is Certified Master Bench Jeweler

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