Before the Design Werkstatt Studio in Freiburg has been established in 1994 it used to be a Blacksmith place for a long time. The Name Isele of the last Blacksmith means a little iron (The old forge still exists and is functioning). The studio is well equipped for up to 10 participants. There is a second Space for study, lectures and exhibitions. This part of Freiburg is very close to the historic center. In walking distance participants can find charming Hotels or Bed and Breakfast accomodation, Restaurants.


1 Precious Stone Setting

The making of settings can take up a lot of time. For this reason course participants can obtain stones of their choice before the workshop and then make suitable settings or even pieces of jewellery, which can then be set. For practice during the class settings with stones will be provided. This course is designed not only for participants with little previous experience, more advanced students can work with all kinds of more difficult settings.

Course instructor: Wolfgang Schütz, who is a master jewel setter. He is teaching stonesetting to professional Goldsmiths in Germany

6 Clasps and catches  Mai 25th. – 28th.

Making suitable clasps and catches for necklaces or bracelets is an exciting subject for advanced amateurs. Norbert Mack and Felix Stüssi will present a whole range of different clasps, classical as well as surprisingly simple individual solutions. The participants choose some of the clasps that appeal to them to be reproduced in their own work. Good technical skills and soldering knowledge are necessary for this course.

Course instructors: Norbert Mack and Felix Urs Stüssi.

8 Art Clay   July 01th – 2nd

Art Clay Silver is a slightly moist lump of clay. The clay is composed of 1-20 micron sized silver particles, organic binders, and water. The clay is then moulded into its desired shape and dried. When completely dry, it can then be filed, carved, and sanded; after which it is fired with a gas stovetop, butane torch, or kiln. During the firing process, the organic binders burn away and the resulting silver particles becoming denser and stronger. The burning away of binders and sintering of metal causes the piece to shrink 8-10% in overall size while retaining the original form. Once completely fired, the remaining piece is composed of 99.9% pure silver. ACMI’s certification program has certified that the art clay products are either non-toxic or appropriately labelled with any cautionary language and safe use instructions. First, the class participants learn to use art clay and create individual shapes and surfaces. It is not necessary to make a piece of Jewellery just out of art clay. After firing it can be soldered and become an organic part of a larger piece of adornment. After the introduction and first experiments participants spent the remaining time to make use of the interesting features and extend the limits of conventionally made jewellery.

Course instructor: Isabelle Widmer

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